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Things to do


St. Molaise's Well

Distance : 7km


Fowley's Falls

Distance : 8km

Lough Melvin

Distance : 8km

Lough MacNean

Distance : 8km

Shannon Pot

Distance : 20km

The traditional source of the river Shannon is a large spring called the Shannon Pot, about 16m in diameter and has been explored by divers to a depth of over 9m. The spring flows throughout the year and is fed by streams that disappear into limestone rock higher up in the catchment area.

The reason why the Shannon Pot should be regarded as the source of the Shannon, as opposed to any of the streams that flow into the Pot has been lost in time, although it probably relates to the mystical nature of the pool.

Cavan Burren Park

Distance: 20km

Cavan Burren Park
Cavan Burren Park is located on a limestone plateau at a height of approx 295 metres under the shadow of Cuilcagh Mountain. It is widely recognised as one of the finest prehistoric relict landscapes in Ireland – in a sense this place has stood still in time, surrounded by planted forestry since the 1950s and now accessible to for the public to enjoy and preserve.


Glencar Waterfall

Distance : 30km

Glencar Waterfall is particularly impressive after rain and can be viewed from a lovely wooded walk. There are more waterfalls visible from the road, although none is quite as romantic as this one. There are also on-site picnic facilities and an information kiosk.

Marble Arch Caves

Distance : 30km

The Marble Arch Caves are a series of natural limestone caves located near the village of Florencecourt in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. The caves are named after the Marble Arch, a natural limestone arch at the upstream end of Cladagh Glen under which the Cladagh River flows.

The caves are formed from three rivers draining off the northern slopes of Cuilcagh mountain, combining underground to form the Cladagh. From west to east, these tributaries are the Sruh Croppa, the Aghinrawn (or Monastir) and the Owenbrean. At 11.5 kilometres (7.1 mi) the Marble Arch Caves form the longest known cave system in Northern Ireland.


Cuilcagh Boardwalk trail


A boardwalk meandering through pastures & blanket bog, plus steps up a mountain for sweeping views over Leitrim, Fermanagh and Cavan.